Eviction Notice.


© C. Ford.

Everything was fine while we were at camp, the mood is somber, but determined. There’s a very large town made up of many villages now. People are close, and dependent on one another. There are also several communal sleep centers up now, with wood stoves, and yes, it’s that cold. This time also most likely saw the last peace at the camp, as the ACoE has delivered a December 5th eviction notice to everyone at the camp. The eviction has been set for December 5th, which happens to be the birthday of one George Custer. Nice, eh? If you want to read the filthy crap nDakota government is saying, you can go to Wapo. A whole lot of veterans will be arriving at the camp on December 3rd, and they aren’t overly impressed with this action, to say the least. ICTMN has also covered the eviction notice, full story here.

In spite of the line the governor and his henchpeople are taking, which is atrocious, to say the least, the actual reason for this is because the stand at Standing Rock has been, and is, successful. ETP has a deadline, January 1st, which they must meet before their shipper contracts expire. They have always played dirty, and continue to do so, emboldened by one of their investor’s recent jump in status to president-elect, and our current president’s reluctance to actually do anything concrete. Everyone they bought in nDakota is now lapping up vomited oil, and eager to put all those Indians and allies in their proper place. We’ll see how it goes, I guess, but no one at Standing Rock is willing to stand down, or give one inch.


  1. Kreator says

    I read about this yesterday. And they say they’ll send you to a “Free Speech Zone” “for safety,” right? The bastards. THEY are the only danger in there!

  2. stellatree says

    I am in awe at the courage and fortitude of the water protectors. There was a lot of talk and songs for Standing Rock at Unthanksgiving. Sad to hear they’re planning to evict people from the camps, but not surprised. There is a space in my heart hoping for justice.

  3. says


    THEY are the only danger in there!

    Truth. I’m afraid the truth isn’t valued as much as oil.

    Stellatree, how was Unthanksgiving? Sounds like you did great!

  4. rq says

    (Gorgeous photo, by the way.)

    I’m in a state of unpleasant anticipation looking forward to December 5. :/ What are the chances of the shipper contracts being extended due to unforeseen circumstances or acts of god or suchlike?

    Incidentally, that magnificent work of art by Kills you had up previously -- Middle Child saw it, and wants a printout of it, because he thought it was a fantastic work of art. I printed one out at work on yer reglar A4 sized paper, but unfortunately it’s in black-and-white only. I hope nobody minds if he colours it in according to his own interpretations while we talk about what’s pictured within and why.

  5. says

    Don’t forget the trick they pulled on Occupy in Oakland -- they said they were going to evict them on a certain date, then attacked 2 days earlier while everyone was dealing with logistics for an expected brawl.

  6. stellatree says

    Caine, Unthanksgiving went really well for me, it felt good to be with people with intention. Cody Blackbird Band sang a song for #NODAPL and one for John Trudell, and Nahko Bear and Michael Franti sang, too! Very moving. I listened to the drums like you suggested, and the smell of the sage helped me stay grounded. I couldn’t see the dancers, I’m too short. ;-)

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