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    I don’t think I’ve ever heard a porcupine make noise.

    I hadn’t, and I had no idea they were so wonderfully expressive and vocal.

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    Too freakin cute!

    Teddy must be a new porcupine -- the quills look like baby’s quills. There’s a good chance Teddy will get a lot surlier as *he ages.

    The vocalizations are super cute. With regard to “I didn’t know porcupines made such noises” don’t most mammals have vocal apparatus? If they have it, they’re gonna use it.

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    If they have it, they’re gonna use it.

    Of course, but I’ve never had the opportunity to chat with a porcupine, so who knew?

  4. kestrel says

    Oh hooray. Because I have no spoons either and have only just managed to crawl out from under my rock. VERY cute. Also loved the adorable fox!

  5. rq says

    Ice Swimmer
    A definite idea of what they want, yes -- the fucks to actually look and see if that’s what they’re picking up -- no.

  6. says

    Yeah, but some mammals hardly ever use theirs. Rabbits are pretty quiet creatures. They may make some soft grunting noises and only scream when in mortal dread. I’ve often watched the porcupines at our zoo and never heard them making a noise

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