Check out this nice fox!

I am the type of person that watches animal videos and immediately melts into a pile of goo. I wasn’t sure if that sort of thing was frowned upon in this corner of the interwebs. But yesterday Caine posted a great video about an elephant with a prosthetic leg, and it has emboldened me.

In these shitty times, I propose that nice animal videos are good.

Via The Dodo:


I could probably post something like this every day, but I won’t! Once a week perhaps?


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    Awwwwww. I recognize that grin – one of my dogs is half Coyote, and she does that open mouth laugh. I’d love a happy animal video once a week, one nice thing to remind me I do have a heart after all.

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    *bounce bounce bounce*

    Great find!

    My ex and I had rescued (from a puppy farm) samoyeds. We had the one at first, mated her, got another ’cause she needed a home fast, who turned out to be pregnant only no one knew she’d mated. They had eight pups each, a week apart. Blimey but that was hard work, but also: cuteness overdose.