1. Lofty says

    Cute birdy you have there!

    I’ve just sent you a pic of our evil stinky bush that redeems itself with a mass of purple bloom every spring.

  2. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin is currently running about, allegedly looking for old issues of The! Phenomenal!! Penguin!!! comic books, featuring a grumpy old pipe smoking penguin who decide to follow the female penguins and find out just where they fly off to each winter, leaving him and the others sitting on eggs. Having no flying experience, he tends not to get very far, but has a series of adventures with seals, whaling ships, seals, more seals, flying saucers, and the odd seahorse (most of which are very odd), grumbling and snarking all the time, whilst trying to keep his pipe lit and having to break off every few minutes for a toilet visit or to refill the pipe. Whilst he finds numerous villains, great quantities of strawberries, and lots of seals, he never seems to find any tobacco — nor does he ever seem to run out, despite the all pipe-refilling. This leads to perhaps the main running gag of the series, just what is he smoking?

    The artwork is drawn in a Picasso-on-magic-MUSHROOMS!-style, but with fewer melting violins, usually in Escherian seas (when was the last time you saw three-eyed whales slithering up an endless series of tiled icebregs?). There is always a flying boar someplace, thought to be either the artiste’s muse, or else a desperate attempt to cover up an ink splot. Other apparently flying critters, usually described as “rats wearing chain mail with feathers glued on” almost always seem to be in in the illustrations, but no-one knows why. One widely-held hypothesis is the artist does not like vast expanses of empty sea, albeit the armoured-flying-rats are usually seen in the sky. Or at least what is thought to be the sky, the pipe-smoke makes it hard to tell.

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