Good morning. Woke up, got the dogs out of their tent, and watered. Wandered off for coffee and some breakfast, eggs, oatmeal, banana and watermelon. Listened to a man sing a song to the day, then wandered back to our camp out in the hills. Off to go find the horse race now!






Click images for full size. © C. Ford, all rights reserved.


  1. rq says

    I saw no horses and now I’m wondering if that was just a metaphor. :(
    Love the colours in your photos (all of them, just mentioning it here).

  2. says

    No, no, rq. There are horses! I haven’t gotten all the photos gone through or uploaded yet, the connection is seriously sucking this morning, and we have to wander off in search of breakfast soon, we’re way late this morning, we both slept like the dead, all warm while the wind howled and rocked the car the all night!

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