Breaking: National Guard Called In.


Chairman Archambault II spoke with the governor this morning and was notified of action by the National Guard to ensure safety of all citizens. The National Guard has been called in to assist state and county police in notifying drivers on Highway 1806 traveling south that there may be pedestrians on the road and cars may be parked on the side of the road. This is intended to keep all drivers and pedestrians safe. The National Guard will not enter the camp.

This was appended to a media statement, an appeal for peace in advance of the ruling tomorrow. I don’t think anyone needs to be told what an unnecessary, chickenshit move this was by Governor Dalrymple, oil’s best friend and investor. I suspect this was not in anticipation of the ruling tomorrow, but a favour to oil, whose propaganda has suffered a bit lately, after the move with the savage dogs and handlers attacking the protectors. We hold fast, we hold strong, we hold in peace.


  1. says

    That doesn’t seem to be a great strategy from the governor -- won’t calling in the NG attract media attention as well as bringing in new eyeballs? The NG may not be as corrupt as the police. The military are less biddable, a whole lot more dangerous, and possibly not as well led or organized. I’d have expected the state police, not the NG.

  2. kestrel says

    It’s like we have a militant oligarchy who wants power at any cost… even to the point of basically shitting in their own nest.

    May the judge make a just and fair decision tomorrow, one that stops the militant oligarchy.

  3. dakotagreasemonkey says

    ND State Patrol manned the original blockade of Highway 1806, along with Morton County Sheriffs, other county sheriffs from as far away as Fargo, and several city cops. Ironically, they set it up right where I enter pavement after “traveling gravel” to Mandan/Bismarck. That gravel road is extremely beautiful where it crosses the Heart River. My town, Almont, sits on the Muddy Creek, a tributary to the Heart River. The DAPL will cross under the Heart River at least once, and Mandan is where it joins the Missouri River.
    This blockade is only on that one highway, in one spot. I think this is designed to plug the rest of the roads that feed Cannonball, ND, and the Sacred Stones Camp.

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