Harassment Continues.


  1. says

    Jackasses. They can’t block off every road to the camps, so they’re harassing people as much as possible. I laughed when I saw the BLM people coming in by horseback. Smart. :D

  2. Callinectes says

    I can’t quite tell the situation from the photo, but is it safe to have a flag that size on a vehicle?

  3. says

    Callinectes, yes, it’s safe, specially out toward the camps, where there’s only paved roads part of the time. This is waaaaaay away from the madding crowd and all that, and all the convoys have had their flags displayed, whether it’s been by car, horse, or canoe. The flags are held by a standard bearer inside the truck, and the flag can be furled or withdrawn as necessary. This is also slow traveling, it’s not like people are barreling along.

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