McCrory Hits A New Low.


Just when you thought Pat McCrory couldn’t get any lower, he goes diving straight into an isht filled sewer of lies.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) has released a fear-mongering campaign ad that paints transgender people as dangerous predators who are out to rape children. posted the 30-second campaign spot on Wednesday, which accuses Democratic NC Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper of willfully endangering the state’s children by not upholding the so-called “bathroom bill,” H.B. 2.

The ad begins with a woman named Gina Little of Greensboro, NC saying, “At 9, I was molested by a teenager.”

She continues, “When I heard that Pres. Obama and and Roy Cooper want to force schoolchildren to share the same locker room, shower and restroom with someone who claims to be the opposite sex, I was horrified.”

“Gov. McCrory knows this is not about discrimination, money or politics,” Little claims. “He’s standing up under intense pressure and doing what’s right. Our governor is on our side.”

The implication is clear. Little is saying that if trans men, women and children are allowed to use the facilities corresponding with their expressed gender, they will rape and molest children.

The truth, however, is that the overwhelming majority of sex crimes against children are committed by men who identify as heterosexual and the bulk of these crimes happen in the home.

Oh yes, most of these crimes do indeed happen in the home, and are most often committed by family members or close family friends. It happened to me, I was raped by a family member for six years as a child, and it had absolutely nothing to do with queer people or any sort of shared facility. I know McCrory is desperate, but this is lower than low, and he is such an immoral, evil person for doing this. Transgendered people already face high levels of violence, and this will do nothing except make that worse. McCrory is out to harm people.

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  1. blf says

    It’s not possible for McCrory to dig any deeper into his hole. He’s already dug so deep it’s turned into a Universe-circling wormhole whose entrance is also its exit. He’s now accelerating faster and faster, entering, zipping around, and re-entering, faster and faster. The construction is very crude, so he’s constantly banging his head on the sides, not that this has any noticeable effect other than to damage the sides of wormhole.

    The working name in Physics circles is “trans-phobic shite recycling accelerator”, but it is not considered a promising area of research.

  2. says

    There must be some way to generate clean electrical power from this, sort of like the generator system someone suggested over at Charles Stross’ salon: based on falling cats with buttered toast attached to their backs.

  3. blf says

    Marcus Ranum@3, A problem with using a Universe-sized trans-phobic shite recycling accelerator as an energy source is that, whilst the total amount of effort spent is quite large, the actual energy available as a McCrory wave-particle goes whizzing past is fairly small; that is, the insanity is widely distributed and so on any individual point is rather unfocused.

  4. stellatree says

    blf @1, I wish this were true, because at least McCrory would be making a very small contribution to science.
    This is just disgusting on top of disgusting. I hope the people of North Carolina kick this bigoted panic monger out.

  5. blf says

    …at least McCrory would be [then] making a very small contribution to science

    Perhaps more a contribution to hyperdimensional extreme bullshite waffling, which is largely an area of theology.

  6. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I wish someone could bug one of these asshats for 24 hours and get a recording of what they do/say when no one is watching/listening.

    It would quickly become clear just how despicable these people are. (even to their followers, it’s already obvious to many of us)

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