Neo-Nazism for Millenials: Trump Youth.

Jayme Liardi.

Jayme Liardi.

In spite of Trump’s latest effort to “reach out” to people of colour, his association with white nationalism, aka white supremacy, continues. Now there’s Trump Youth. Gosh, that doesn’t have a familiar ring at all. At this point, I wish Trump would expend more energy on his fake health letter, really make that work, and bail out. There is enough ugly in the world already without this sort of idiocy.

A website for the group encourages young voters to “[e]mbrace your destiny and become a part of the greatest battle the world has ever seen.”

“We Millennials are destined for greatness; no longer will we sit idle and watch everything our forefathers built be turned to dust,” the website says. “Our world is hurting, and it is up to us, the Youth, to become the Hero Generation and to save the world.”

In a video promotion for the Trump Youth group, Liardi asserts that “nations have been commandeered by an international criminal cartel, and this parasite is feeding on our energy.”

“It’s in Japan, it’s in China, it’s in Germany, it’s in America,” he warns. “If we don’t throw this parasite off our backs, the world will fall into chaos. These parasites want war, want destruction, they want slavery — and they’re getting them.”


Writing on his personal website earlier this year, Liardi said that he did not understand the “truth” about Adolf Hitler until he read Mein Kampf.

“I began to seek out the history without the propaganda– I wanted to understand the mind of the supposed most evil man in history,” he wrote. “So I studied the events leading up to the war, the german Weimar Republic, WWI and the climate of Europe in the early 20th century. And yes, I read Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’.”

“I quickly realized that I was not being given all of the facts–that what passes for history is merely rehashed propaganda from the war,” Liardi opined. “So [I] began to follow the trail of other patriots and freedom fighters before me, on a quest for truth, justice and an end to exploitation and enslavement.”

“WWII was a turning point in human history. A battle of opposite ideologies. Nationalism vs Globalism, International Communism vs ‘Nazism’,” he said. “We too are at a [turning] point in human history; it is five minutes to midnight and we are quickly running out of time. Will it be Globalism or will it be Nationalism.”

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  1. Kengi says

    This is really fucked up. Combined with the news from recent months about high school kids chanting racist slogans along with “Trump!” it’s seriously depressing.

  2. chigau (違う) says

    Well, it does make it difficult to decided which blog to comment on.
    I know what to do

  3. says


    I commented at Shiv’s first. We posted at the same time.


    Combined with the news from recent months about high school kids chanting racist slogans along with “Trump!” it’s seriously depressing.

    Yeah, it is. I was part of the counterculture when I was young, and fuck me, it’s really rotten to see young people doing this marching in step shit.

  4. blf says

    The following excerpt is from a fake news site, National Report, which may also be a scam (hence I won’t link to it), but even with those caveats, it is none-the-less amusing, for certain values of “amusing”:

    Donald Trump Youth Camps Coming To Every State

    Donald Trump […] wants America’s youth to experience the conservative values that fuel his campaign. Trump told an audience of supporters in Ohio that young people need to grow up with “real American values.”

    They certainly aren’t being taught real American values in schools today. Remember the youth camps they used to have? That’s what we need here in this country. I can build these things. I can and I will. I’ll build them in every state! Even the states that don’t vote for me!
    It’s going to be terrific. All the kids will get little ID books. We’ll have a dress code, badges and patches they can sew on their school uniforms. I’m thinking boots. None of these designer basketball shoes that kids get stabbed over in the urban schools. None of that. […]
    Several Trump-designed golf courses were being re-surveyed for remodeling into “a more camp-like atmosphere,” sources say.

  5. Kengi says


    …it’s really rotten to see young people doing this marching in step shit.

    The weird thing is they seem to think they are the ones being counterculture. They talk about not sitting idle and not watching “everything our forefathers built be turned to dust” and claim they are the ones rebelling because they are against “political correctness”. And yet it’s all an argument for maintaining a privileged status quo, led by the people with the most power. Yes, they are marching in lock step, yet have been fooled into believing they are the down-trodden rebels.

  6. johnson catman says

    I would be interested in the demographics of the Orange One Youth. I would bet that the makeup is very similar to the Hitler Youth. IOW, minorities need not apply.

  7. johnson catman says

    These parasites want war, want destruction, they want slavery — and they’re getting them.

    He is talking about the republicans, right?

  8. says

    Johnson catman @ 8:

    He is talking about the republicans, right?

    Mmmmph. Laughing with a mouthful of French toast is a good way to choke.

  9. lorn says

    Please, Hitler was not a nationalist. He was a racist. He gained power from inside Germany but viewed his constituency as, ironically given the historical definition of the term, “Aryan”. Hitler didn’t consider nationality as meaningful or significant. For him nations were artificial constructs that obscured the racial identities of the people and the natural and ordinate struggle between the races. Hitler placed great stock in the idea that people of a similar race but different nations would join German troops and save the day. He spent a lot of resources to establish divisions made up of foreign nationals:

    At the very end Hitler called for the destruction of German infrastructure, treasures, and cultural sites. He considered Germany to be unworthy of his efforts to fight for the Aryan race and the clash of races.

    “I began to seek out the history without the propaganda” … is another way of saying he found a version of history that he found both flattering and to his liking. No surprise there. In this version he is cast as the racial superior and noble fighter for the good of mankind against sub-human parasites and corruption. Having developed a taste for self-righteous flattery and racism he then rooted around to find more of it. The other racist, I’m sure, were glad to have him as long as none of them ever points out the obvious fact that none of them are any more special than the people they condemn, or that their version of propaganda-free is just another version of propaganda. The difference is that it is spiced to their taste in self-flattery.

    Yes, it does seem very familiar, and not in a good way:

  10. says

    I read Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’.”

    So did I. It was a bit more interesting than watching paint dry. Somewhere on the spectrum of “less interesting than Robert Heinlein’s ‘5th column'” and “preferable to smoking and eating my own tongue.”

  11. says

    “One of Austria’s great accomplishments was convincing the world that Hitler was German and that Beethoven was Viennese” -- Christopher Hitchens

  12. says


    It was a bit more interesting than watching paint dry.

    Pretty much sums up my feelings about it. For someone to close that, um, collection of paper, and come away feeling all enlightened baffles me. I have no idea what they were reading.

  13. Saad says

    mouthful of French toast

    smoking and eating my own tongue

    Okay, y’all are making me hungry.

  14. Ice Swimmer says

    I tried to read Mein Kampf as a teenager. Never finished it, maybe because nothing really resonated with me in it except for the paragraph or two about political demagoguery. Trump seems to go by the spirit of Hitler’s rules (no more than four simple talking points and hammer them relentlessly), maybe by instinct.

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