Takumi Kama.

I’m a at a bit of a loss as to where to start with this most wonderful artist, who has a pointed and humorous take on many subjects. Okay, I have to start with the McD’s Fries:


This wonderful work is one of many which can be seen here. Takumi Kama also has two pieces which are what I would refer to as Turtle Island, and they are delightful.

“I am terrified of high school girls,” admits artist Takumi Kama. “If I encounter a group of them on a train there is a high possibility I will escape to another car.” And Kama surely isn’t alone in his fears.

In Japan, this adolescent subset of beings known as joshi kōsei (女子高生) are fetishized and eroticized to the extreme in all types of media. But instead of hiding from his fears, like he normally would do, Kama has decided to confront them head on in the only way he knows how: by creating intriguing anthropomorphic portraits of schoolgirl animals.


More of these portraits can be seen here.

Then, it’s the leaf insects.


To avoid becoming prey, leaf insects use mimicry to blend into their surroundings. But in Takumi Kama’s imagined future, when the insect’s natural environment has been completely destroyed, these masters of camouflage will have no choice but to move in with those who took away their home.

They may not look it, by Takumi Kama’s insects are 2D, and you can see more here.


  1. rq says

    I’m a at a bit of a loss as to where to start with this most wonderful artist

    Too much whimsy. :D

    The ‘Combine’ section (the one here represented by the fries) reminds me of Graeme Base.
    And I had to doubel-check that the insect was really-really 2D. O.O

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