Freddie Gray: Not Guilty Verdict.

Baltimore Lt. Brian Rice (Photo: Baltimore Police Department)

Baltimore Lt. Brian Rice (Photo: Baltimore Police Department)

The final and highest-ranking officer involved in the arrest and ultimate death of Freddie Gray, Lt. Brian Rice, has been found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter, not guilty on the second degree reckless endangerment charge and not guilty on misconduct in office.

Gray suffered a broken neck while in the back of a police van that transported him on April 12, 2015. News of Gray’s death sparked protests across Baltimore, Maryland, and the nation as Black Lives Matter protesters demanded accountability.

The medical examiner in the case ruled that Gray’s injuries occurred inside the police van, but no officer involved has yet to be found guilty of his death. Gray wasn’t properly secured by a seat belt during transit and he didn’t receive immediate medical attention. It has left many in the Black Lives Matter movement frustrated that no justice can be found for those who have been killed at the hands of police.

Oh yes, of course, most people who aren’t properly seat belt secured just happen to break their necks, happens all the time! Thoroughly disgusting.

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    I am definitely NOT wishing for it and DON’T want it to happen, but I won’t be surprised if Baltimore is the site of the next shooting. I doubt that a single one of the recent shootings would have happened if cops who committed murders were held accountable for their actions. Whitewashing crimes of the six Baltimore cops isn’t going to solve the problem, it makes it worse.

    On a related note, the corporate media are desperately trying to catapult the propaganda about the Baton Rouge shooting, repeating the fiction that “BLM is a threat”. They keep calling it an “ambush” despite the fact that:

    (a) the shooter was engaged in a firefight with someone before the cops arrived
    (b) cops have admitted the shooter did not call 911.

    An ambush involves luring victims into a kill zone without realizing it, which is not what happened in Baton Rouge. The cops knew it was an active shooting before they arrived.

  2. says

    The Baton Rouge shooter was also a sovereign citizen person. I expect there may have been more to his thinking than BLM, but even if there wasn’t, so what? I’m amazed that we have passed the tipping point, and people still aren’t fucking getting it.

  3. kestrel says

    @Chigau: I asked this question at a city meeting where they called for input and then completely ignored it. So I asked, “Why do you even have a hearing about this?” to which they replied, like I was some kind of dumb-ass: “Because it’s the LAW.” ***big eyeroll*** That would be my guess as to the why in this case.

    And then people have the gall to tell me it’s all the black people’s fault. GAH.

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