We Don’t Need No Education, Rapture’s Coming.

GNU Image / MGN

GNU Image / MGN

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Supreme Court has sided with a family accused of not teaching its children anything while waiting “to be raptured.”

Laura and Michael McIntyre began homeschooling their nine children inside the family’s El Paso motorcycle dealership more than a decade ago.

Officials say the family did not have to teach state-approved curriculum or give standardized tests.

However, problems started when a relative told authorities that he never saw the children reading, working on math, using computers or doing anything educational besides play music.

He said he heard one of them say that learning wasn’t necessary because “they were going to be raptured.”


The couple argued that school district officials violated their 14th Amendment rights by attempting to verify that their children were learning.

The case then headed to the state’s Supreme Court, where the justices made a 6-3 ruling on technical grounds in favor of the McIntyres.

But it didn’t answer larger constitutional questions about whether home-schooled children must be properly taught.

Justices remanded the case to lower courts, saying its constitutional questions weren’t educational policy matters. But they didn’t issue an opinion on the overall constitutionality.

Considering how long people have been waiting on Jesus to come back and fetch them home, it would seem to at least be prudent on the part of Texas to institute some sort of educational standard, as it won’t be all that long that these nine children will be nine adults, who know absolutely nothing.



  1. Ice Swimmer says

    And the functionally illiterate and innumerate kids would one day run the dealership. Which would come first, bankruptcy or rapture?

  2. says

    As I understand the laws regarding home schooling, this is a completely correct ruling. Of course, that just highlights how badly the laws need to be changed.

  3. rq says

    Bankrupcy is Rapture. Jesus come to take everyone’s money away! Annnd… I don’t know.
    The poor kids, though. They honestly don’t even know what they’re missing, and might never know. That is just sad.

  4. says

    Rapture, yes, they are right, we all die in the end. It is how we use that time from now to death that impacts others in our society. No education is just ignorant, but the legal opinion/ruling is really about court jurisdiction.

  5. cicely says

    They will be nine adults who know nothing, and will vote as they are told.
    To theocrat-wannabes, ignorance in the voting public is a Feature.

  6. says

    BLF @1 — Because it’s being done by straight White Christians. Guarantee that if this were a family of color, the state would have been all up in their business and taking the kids away, and for far less than the blatant educational neglect we see here.

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