Anton Yelchin Dead, 27 Years Old.


From left, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Chis Pine as James T. Kirk, Simon Pegg as Scotty, Karl Urban as Bones are shown in a scene from, ‘Star Trek.’ (Photo: Paramount).

Star Trek star Anton Yelchin has died at age 27 following a tragic and strange car accident early Sunday morning.

His publicist Jennifer Allen confirmed the news in a statement on Sunday.

“Actor Anton Yelchin was killed in a fatal traffic collision early this morning,” the statement said. “His family requests you respect their privacy at this time.”

Yelchin was pinned by his own car leaving his Studio City residence Sunday at 1:10 in the morning, Jenny Hauser, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department, said.

“A fatal traffic collision occurred, it was the result of the victim’s own car rolling backwards down his steep driveway, pinning him against a brick mailbox pillar and security fence,” Hauser said.

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  1. Great American Satan says

    His Michael Biehn impression was the best thing in that Xtian Bale Terminator movie, his Fright Night remake was pretty fun. Cool guy. ;_;

  2. Johnny Vector says

    I haven’t seen any of the recent Star Trek movies, because I’m a bad nerd, but he was so amazing in Rudderless that I had to look up who this kid is. To costar with Billy Crudup in a movie about music, and match his acting and musical chops frame for frame? Very few people could do that.

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