1. says

    Thanks. :) I love horses, too. These guys are all lovely, and quite fond of treats if you stop to visit.

  2. says


    Is this your backyard??!! AWESOME!

    No, no! I wish it was, but no. These horses belong to a nice family up the road from us, with a small farm.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    A chestnut, a bay, a pinto and a (gray?, roan?). The mystery coat horse is a bit moose-like.

    Snow is splashing when these four are in the move. I like especially the second and third picture.

  4. rq says

    (gray?, roan?)

    I would bet on roan, but I couldn’t give you a good reason. The bay looks borderline dun, but there’s great variation in both colours.
    For further clarification on horse colours, see here. :)

  5. rq says

    Thanks, might be something within one of the links. Or, you know, goblins in the interwebz.

  6. kestrel says

    That’s a grey, I do believe. :-) See how his head is lighter colored than the body? In roans, the head is darker.

    Dapples and greys, pintos and bays, All the pretty little horses!

  7. says

    I had trouble accessing this before, so I couldn’t include it. From their person, Kim: The bald face chestnut sorrel is “Simon”, The paint is “TomTom”, dark buckskin is my king his name is”Gunner”. Yes those 3 have been together a long time. The dark gray we are going to break his name is “Balto”.

  8. Hekuni Cat, Social Justice Ninja, MQG says

    I’ll save you, cicely and blf! I have a +2 greatsword and I’m not afraid to wield it.*

    *Well, actually, my character Violet has a greatsword, and she definitely likes hitting things with it, usually Orcs, but she can make exceptions for other dangerous creatures.

  9. rq says


    See how his head is lighter colored than the body?

    From this angle, it was hard to tell if it was lighter or he just had a white face. So I went with roan because I like that colour better. :)

    I love the names, and thank you for that additional info on the horses!

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