1. Ice Swimmer says

    Blackfire is the most accessible. The singer of Plateros has a voice that’s kind of familiar. Skylar Wolf seems the kind of artist that would be great live in a club setting.

    All three share something in the sound of the vocals. Whatever it is, the vocals aren’t “dry”.

  2. says

    There’s more about Blackfire and their album [Silence] Is A Weapon here:

    Skylar Wolf is an amazing blues guitarist. There’s more here.

    The Plateros (all over youtube, like everyone else) are Nama winners, as is Skylar Wolf. Blackfire has won twice, [Silence] Is A Weapon was album of the year.

    It’s really difficult for Indian artists to break into the mainstream, most people just aren’t interested in listening, and while they get play on native radio, they rarely get play on non-native radio.

    I remember, years ago, everyone freaking and geeking out because Indigenous got on the David Letterman show. That was huge.

  3. rq says

    The voice on Skylar Wolf! Whoa! I admit I’m a sucker for that kind of voice. Whew!
    I love the close incorporation of Native culture (at pretty much every level). Which sounds condescending, but it’s a great way of making it more accessible and of showing that it can be relevant in modern life (that it’s not just a relic of the past).

    Anyway, any good women artists out there?

    And here’s A Tribe Called Red, from Canada, doing really awesome things with Native tradition and dubstep.

  4. says


    The voice on Skylar Wolf! Whoa! I admit I’m a sucker for that kind of voice. Whew!

    Me too. I could listen to him all day. And sometimes, I do. I’ve only been able to buy one of his albums, because that’s all that is available at the moment (Devil’s Son), but it’s better than nothing.

    Lots of good women artists! I’ll feature some next music post.

    I know A Tribe Called Red! Love them. I have stacks of native music, and several very long playlists.

  5. dakotagreasemonkey says

    It’s taken two evenings of listening to even make it to the comments. I keep getting lost in the music. More in the comments, even!
    I’ve owned several Indigenous CDs for years, and really got lost in exploring Levi Platero. I love blues rock, and this guy has it in spades. I can see I’ll be buyin’ his stuff.
    Blackfire is well worth listening to. I’ll be following them as well.
    Got Tribe Called Red in the headphones right now.

  6. says


    Not even a word for Skylar Wolf? Tsk. You already have Blackfire in your playlist, I copied it for you some time back. One of Jayne’s favourites, yeah? I prefer Blackfire to The Plateros, but each to their own. When it comes to blues guitar, you need to listen to more Skylar Wolf. What about Red Eagle? (Video in the Earth Day post).

    Did you listen to the Metsatöll I sent you? Great stuff, that.

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