Trump: Let Trans People Use Bathrooms That Match Their Identity


Donald Trump says North Carolina made a mistake passing its anti-transgender bathroom law.

The Republican front-runner for president said the state self-inflicted “economic punishment” when it passed House Bill 2, which not only banned local governments from including sexual orientation and gender identity in anti-discrimination ordinances, but also required transgender people to use the public bathrooms and locker rooms that don’t match their identity.

When asked about the law during a town hall on the Today show, Trump said there was nothing wrong with the way things were working before HB 2 was passed. “Leave it the way it is,” he repeatedly said is the best policy.

Okay, Trump sounding reasonable? I’ll admit, that threw me. But the normal stupid got right back on track:

Going even further, Trump said he’d let Caitlyn Jenner use whichever bathroom she wanted when visiting one of his properties.

Apparently, Trump has all his bathrooms labeled on all his properties. *Insert eyeroll here*

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  1. Siobhan says

    There’s this saying about broken clocks…

    (Although I have to laugh anyway--he was correct about something for like literally half a second before he snapped out of it and said something asinine again)

  2. says

    That was my reaction, too. I was reading, and thinking to myself “fuck, he sounds downright rational…wait, okay, that’s Trump.”

  3. sonofrojblake says

    You seem to forget “his properties” include hotels, country clubs, office blocks and similar. If he’d said “his home(s)”, you’d have had a point.

    Trump sounding reasonable? I’ll admit, that threw me

    Expect that to continue, with increasing frequency. Trump is almost past the point where he needs to exclusively appeal to Republicans. He’s approaching (or possibly past) the point where he needs to pivot to seeming “presidential”, to bring in the floating voters who will power him to the White House. This is the most obvious example so far of him doing that.

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