Goodbye, South Carolina

CEO Anthony Watson (Photo via

CEO Anthony Watson (Photo via

Now just the proposal of a so-called “bathroom bill” in South Carolina has sent one gay chief executive officer is packing his jobs for California.

Anthony Watson, CEO of Uphold, describes himself as an “openly gay, British CEO,” according to The State. He’s decided to take his financial services company, which has handled $830 million in transactions since 2014, to Los Angeles instead of sticking it out.

“I have watched in shock and dismay as legislation has been abruptly proposed or enacted in several states across the union seeking to invalidate the basic protections and rights of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) U.S. citizens,” he wrote on the company’s website Tuesday.

Watson specifically called out South Carolina senator Lee Bright who dimly announced his bill last week which would require people to use the bathroom of the gender assigned to them at birth.


“I mean, years ago we kept talking about tolerance, tolerance, and tolerance, and now they want men who claim to be women to be able to go into bathrooms with children. And you got corporations who say this is okay,” Bright said on the senate floor.

Yesterday, I said in comments that I didn’t think the people proposing and passing these bills were stupid. I do believe I’ve had a change of mind about that. This is a special kind of dim. Full Story Here.

Today’s LGBT roundup, and there’s some good news for a change!

Louisiana Gov. Bans Anti-LGBT Bias in State Employment, Services.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has come through on a promise to issue a pro-LGBT executive order — the first in the state to offer transgender people some legal protections against discrimination — and to repeal an anti–marriage equality one issued by his predecessor, Bobby Jindal. Full Story Here.

Breweries Are Fighting Bigotry With Beer.

Bummed by anti-LGBT legislation in North Carolina? Here’s a novel way to fight it: Drink beer.

Thirty-six breweries in the Southern state have banded together to brew Don’t Be Mean to People: A Golden Rule Saison.

As of the time this article was posted, a Kickstarter campaign to create the brew has raised over $24,000, which well exceeds its goal of $1,500.

All of the profits of the beer, which will be released in May, benefit two LGBT groups. The first, Equality North Carolina, is fighting the newly passed House Bill 2, … The second group, QORDS, coordinates a summer camp for LGBT youth. Full Story Here.

Ringo Starr Cancels N.C. Show Over Anti-LGBT Bill.

Ringo Starr is canceling his show scheduled for June 18 in North Carolina in protest of House Bill 2.

In a press release, Starr says that he “stands with those fighting against the bigotry of HB 2.” He apologized to his fans, saying, “I’m sorry to disappoint my fans in the area, but we need to take a stand against this hatred. Spread peace and love.” Full Story Here.

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