Rick Perry saves Christmas!


Youtube video short treatment: Rick Perry Saves Christmas!

Exterior: summer sun beats down on gorgeous million dollar McMansions high in the Texas hill country on tree-lined land-scaped streets; 36 hole golf course snakes behind the homes like rivers of emeralds; illegal immigrant yard crews sweating profusely in several manicured yards; boat ramp stuffed with lake yachts and new wakeboard boats to side, glass towers of capital city off in hazy distance. Symbolic rain clouds threatening vista.

Camera pans into small group of suburban elementary school children and one overweight adult in wakeboard boat … Boy 1, Girl 1, Boy 2, and Santa in summery cargo shorts holding Pina Colada with cute Rudolph:

Santa in slightly slurred voice: “Well kids, what with me being outlawed by Godless liberals and no one believing anymore, I guess I’ll have to cancel Christmas this year …”

Horrified looks on children, Rudolph lets out dejected sigh as his glowing red nose fades to black.

Suddenly Boy 2 with iPad screams out joyously: “Wait a minute, Rick Perry is on it! Christmas might be saved after all!” [Read more…]

GOP debate clownary: Bachmann-Perry overdrive

Clownary may not be the best word, I’m open to suggestions for the phenomenon where a candidate makes utterly false statements dripping with self-confidence for the error and oozing contempt for the facts. But whatever the term, last night’s GOP debate was disappointing. There were plenty of losing statements, few zingers, and the biggest loser of all had to be CBS news, which could not manage a live stream feed and cut off every decent answer with a timer buzzing or need to go to a 5 minute commercial break. CBS even managed to accidentally send Michelle Bachmann’s campaign an internal email about how they would ‘limit her” in the debate. Epic Fail. [Read more…]

Perry pronounced DoA after senior moment at GOP debate

After weeks of Perrytales by Tricky Rick, the fat lady may have sung. Even if there is a little life left, the one time front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination suffered a senior moment so excruciating, and so critical for his rabid base, that his own party may decide to put him out of his misery. It was captured in video so there’s no getting around it (Below). Perry’s hitting the airwaves this morning to try to salvage his political life, but insiders say it’s over: [Read more…]