Herman Cain has feelings …

Herman Cain has feelings, and he’s discovered those feelings can be hurt by what he calls false accusations and the court of public opinion being fed by the liberal media. On Saturday the former front-runner suspended his campaign, a nifty dodge allowing the zillionaire and his agents to beg struggling middle-class people to pay off Cain’s remaining campaign debt. The hurt ran so deep he decreed it was a loss, for the American People mind you, that we would not have Cain’s ingenious solutions working for our nation. He also promised he would endorse someone soon. Today, we hear rumors it will be Newt Gingrich:

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Herman Cain suspends campaign

Alas, woe is me, the Cainwreck has made its last stop. Speaking in front of a scattered crowd in what was to be the opening for his new campaign HQ in Georgia, the controversial former front-runner announced he was suspending his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination. Cain blamed false accusers, media frenzy, his family’s feelings, and noted several time he would never apologize for the greatness of the USA (WTF?). The pizza magnate introduced a new site called CainSolutions.com, which does not appear to do anything or offer any insight, other than a donation button hard-working people can use to pay off the millionaire’s accumulated campaign debt despite incessant bragging he was raking in the dough for the last two months. [Read more…]

The Cainwreck paints accusers as scheming “husbandless” bitches

One has to wonder who it was that thought of giving a section on the Herman Cain website over to purported female commenters voicing support for Cain against charges of harassment and infidelity, and if that person’s job will last the day. Because it devolved into a cesspool of trolls and hatred in about two minutes. Here’s a taste: [Read more…]

Breaking: Herman Cain may be sunk, devolves into Twitter punchline

Up-update: Twitter is side splitting funny. Tag #UseHermanCainAsAVerb as in I almost got caught screwing my mistress but I #HermanCained my way out of it.

Update: Thank Odin, Hardball explained just now that voting for an alleged adulterer, Herman Cain, is bad. Voting for an admitted one, Newt Gingrich, is OK.

Reports are swirling a women will or has come forth and claimed she and GOP presidential former contender Herman Cain carried on a  13 year affair: [Read more…]

GOP debate clownary: Bachmann-Perry overdrive

Clownary may not be the best word, I’m open to suggestions for the phenomenon where a candidate makes utterly false statements dripping with self-confidence for the error and oozing contempt for the facts. But whatever the term, last night’s GOP debate was disappointing. There were plenty of losing statements, few zingers, and the biggest loser of all had to be CBS news, which could not manage a live stream feed and cut off every decent answer with a timer buzzing or need to go to a 5 minute commercial break. CBS even managed to accidentally send Michelle Bachmann’s campaign an internal email about how they would ‘limit her” in the debate. Epic Fail. [Read more…]

A cheater, a heretic, and a hustler

The leading GOP candidates: Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Herman Cain. Photo credit AP

That’s what the GOP field boils down to for the fundamentalist base of the Republican Party. Bible thumping dominionists, associated neoconfederate racists, and a handful of reptilian corporate overlords have to choose between a serial adulterer, a flip-flopping heretic, and a controversial hustler. Right now the hustler leads by a hair, but insiders say the heretic is favored by the big money boyz and will thus probably prevail in the end. No one is giving the cheater much of a chance right now: [Read more…]