The People’s Insurance Company & the Great Bailout Caper

We the People have sold our last shares in the American Insurance Group or AIG. While there were many firms that contributed to the Great Recession, AIG was arguably the number one culprit in sinking the economy and throwing millions of hard-working middle class taxpayers into the misery and chaos of unemployment. Including by the way, your humble blogger.  [Read more…]

For yea, he has risen

He was once  a powerful king, but the powers that be judged him unfit, he was cast out to wander the desert, alone and unloved. Then, lo, by a miracle he was lifted up, cleansed of his sins and reborn a new and decent caring man who will carry the message of helping the poor and tending the sick in his heart and on his lips for all time. We’re talking of course about Charlie Crist, former governor of Florida and now a former Republican: [Read more…]

It has nothing to do with race …

The annual bleg

Just as an example of the kind of emails we get at Daily Kos, and the amazing delusional psychosis infecting conservatives who truly believe in their heart of hearts there 1)  is no racism in the GOP and 2) friends who look me straight in the eyes utterly puzzled as to what I am talking about (Or accuse dems of making it all up to make the GOP sound racist), I give you this weekend’s wingnut neoconfederate exampler. Trust me folks, this is not work safe, but sad to say it is routine stuff for us: [Read more…]

Internal numbers from Romney campaign reveal only symptoms

New Republic has a fascinating look at Romney’s internal polling numbers, or rather how wrong they were. For example, the internal polls showed Romney tied in Iowa and ahead by several points in Colorado and New Hampshire. Romney ended up losing all three states by a little over five points. Almost ten points off for CO and NH, that’s a huge miss. [Read more…]

Must see Daily Show video hilarity

More than once I’ve been struck how effectively and quickly the Stewart or Colbert shows can educate a political newcomer. I’ll have a friend or girlfriend, and get on a rant reeling off dates and context, but within a couple of minutes their eyes will glaze over and they’ll tell me to shut up. But when that same person watches these two fake news shows, they’ll sit there laughing and leaning far more than my methods could ever get across. This clip is a great example, it lays bare the stunning hypocrisy of McCain and Graham — and indicts the traditional media as a bonus — in five hilarious minutes flat. Bravo ladies and gentlemen, bravo!

ODS vs BDS and Benghazi

Back in the darkest days of the Bush administration a meme arose on the right that liberals held an irrational hatred for W called Bush Derangement Syndrome. It was based on real anger, some of it irrational, some of it deserved, so let’s unpack it for a second. Newsflash: I don’t think Bush was intentionally rotten or a psychopath. In fact only a handful of my progressive peers did think that, and we pushed backed on them with reason and common sense until they mostly gave it up. [Read more…]

Ethan Rome takes the wood to spoiled CEOs

Let’s say you’re a pampered CEO making millions, and you create the most toxic debt known to mankind, debt so poisonous it blows up and crashes the entire US economy, throwing millions of taxpayers like me into the snapping jaws of unemployment and misery. Then tax payers like me bail your rich ass out to the tune of a trillion bucks securing your multi-million dollar bonuses and luxurious retirement. How would you reward those taxpayers? If you’re a Wall Street investment banker, you scold us over the national debt and tell us we must sacrifice more: [Read more…]