Old man McCain may have finally gone around the bend

It’s not clear what the WH thought filling Huckleberry and Crusty in on the gaping holes in their vague Obama conspiracy claims over Benghazi would accomplish. It was clear that no matter what was presented it would only be fodder for both Senators’ deep desire to avoid a Teaparty primary challenge*. But this brainless quip may really suggest McCain doesn’t have many reliable synapses left: [Read more…]

Buffet brings the wood to Republican apologists for zillionaires

It remains to be seen what kind of deal Obama will be able to wrestle out of the House this year or next, but in the meantime billionaire investor Warren Buffet paddles the spoiled rich with a vengeance in the NYT. Billmon follows up with up a salient point where upon the GOP toys with throwing their mildly affluent base under the bus in favor of Kochwhores. First an excerpt from Buffet’s op-ed, which I highly recommend should be read in its entirety, titled Stop Coddling the Super Rich: [Read more…]

For they so loved their country …

Back when Kerry lost to Dubya in 2004 I briefly thought maybe it would be better to take a chance and move to Canada. But it wasn’t just because of the election outcome, there was also the benefit of mostly polite and helpful people and decent healthcare for all. When conservatives experience the sting of democratic defeat, they react differently. In this case some of them are expressing their patriotism for America by demanding to be allowed to start another civil war and/or leave the nation: [Read more…]

This is what traditional media just doesn’t seem to get

Of course I had to turn on the talking heads this fine Sunday morning. One would assume the weekend after a Presidential election the talk would be all about Obama, the campaign, the results, and maybe some thoughts on what lays ahead. Of course that’s not what happened, it was all about how Republicans are going to deal with the many elephants in their house with hints of the evil deficit monster closing in yet again. Exhibit A of our broken celebrity centered media.

I found this on Hullabaloo taken from the clip above and it’s quite illustrative. Frum states the obvious and the entire assembled panel simply ignores his valid point and moves on: [Read more…]