Team Romney may have been hoisted by their own willfully ignorant petard

How did Team Romney blow it so badly? I offer the possibility that Team Obama was simply more effective in a digital age against a less than ideal candidate. But details of a 20th century, top-down clunky Romney campaign are emerging. It’s hard to say how big of a difference it would have made had Team Romney paid attention to actual poll data, instead of basically making up their own reality out of whole cloth. But word is Romney and Ryan were both stunned when electoral reality came home to roost: [Read more…]

It finally caught up to me

I was up for basically two or three days straight, even when I did close my eyes for a few minutes it was mostly in a sitting position in front of a screen of some kind. Finally, last night around 10 PM, it caught up with me. I went down like an obsolete skyscraper and only woke up a few hours ago. And what is one of the hop topics on the intertoobz and cables newzes when I rise from the crypt? Conservative con artists fleecing their own. Mostly centered around K-K-Karl Rove’s Crossroads which scammed almost half a billion dollars out of wealthy conservatives and delivered precisely nothing.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Political junkies all over have always looked on, bewildered, at the wanton exploitation of religious Americans, married Americans, libertarian Americans; pretty much anyone of any age occupying any social strata, who can serve as an easy mark for dozens of conservative grifters. Makes you wonder how all that started and why conservatives put with it: [Read more…]

Victory by sex!

OK … the header could be interpreted as misleading, but it’s literally true!  CNN posted this detailed exit poll that breaks down last night’s victory by age, sex, etc. Looking at the graphic above it’s real clear the changing demographic favors democrats, in large part because raging hatred of el brown or teh gay is now a certified GOP gang sign. I don’t know how they get around that in the future, but watching them try is going to be real fucking entertaining. Speaking of which, mmmhmm, Donald Trump, oh yes, yummy tasty tears of unfathomable sadness!

Teaparty hands electoral victory to progressives

Many autopsies will now be written, but they should all point to a single cause of death: The GOP lost 2012 because of the extremist Tea Party and fanatical relegious elements that have hijacked the Republican Party. Mittens had to go way wide right to win the primary and he never really recovered. Gay bashing, Latino bashing, the War on Women, etc., ad nauseum, did the rest (Conservatives are already hard at work trying to unlearn that stark lesson). That alarming background noise not only preserved Obama’s second term, he’ll win the popular vote and may bag Florida. [Read more…]

Lots of states coming in now

OBAMA Called WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Results: CNN, NY Times, & Politico all have a great interactive state by state bitmap with results updating for each state when you mouse over.   • Poll Closing Times

10 PM CDT Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) picks up incumbant Senator Scott Brown’s (R) seat; Senator Claire McKaskill fights off Todd Legitimate-Rape Akin in MO

Teaparty has cost GOP Senate seats in Missouri, Indiana, Colorado, Delaware, and Nevada. GOP woulda won those if not for RWNJs.

Battleground states that are hugely important: NH, WI, PA, MN, and MI Obama!! Iowa too early to call; Nevada too early to call; Florida too close to call; OH still too close to call, NC (Rom), VA too close to call, CO too early to call

I am uneasy about tonight

Ed’s prediction at Dispatches From the Culture Wars (His reasoning is solid and my own reality-based call would be pretty much identical).

This is it, what’s your call? Popular tally, specific states, down ballot races — I might even have a godless prize[s] for anyone who gets scary close.

I am uneasy down in my gut before every election, at least since I started caring about them around ten years ago, this one especially.  Obama has only the slimmest of leads, a point or two at best in half a dozen key states. Just a tiny number of voters suppressed by GOP shenanigans and a few nut jobs fired up by racism and other forms of ignorance, would cause this election to break Romney’s way. That’s my gut, but as data driven people, we have to go where the data leads. Nate Silver has a promising prognostication there: [Read more…]

Here we go! All your polls belong to me

Below, the latest polling up and down and state-by-state, all in one place, courtesy of Daily Kos. Note that a Romney victory could shoot FTB into the stratosphere, but I have to hope he loses. That way the GOP can’t rob me of my Social Security and Medicare for at least four years. But the biggest impact is on healthcare and the stakes are enormous: if Barack Obama wins a second term I/we will have guaranteed healthcare on Jan 1, 2014.  Conversely, a Romney win means needless suffering and preventable death for zillions of Americans.

Down ballot, who is the biggest asshole you are most hoping loses? Personally, I will consider tonight a partial victory if nutjob Joe Walsh gets his sorry ass kicked out-of-town by Tammy Duckworth.

[Read more…]

Hey girl …

I’ll be here all day Tuesday bringing the good or bad news, assisted by my awesome babesaurus aka Workout Girl, until such time as I/we collapse from happiness or misery. Via Balloon Juice, links to connect with the Obama Campaign in the swing States:

Iowa  •  New Hampshire   •   Colorado   •   Nevada    •   Ohio

Virginia   •   Florida   •   Wisconsin   •   North Carolina

And here is the GOTV link for the rest: Daily Kos chips in with a GOTV effort that you can plug into at this link. I think women are one huge group that’s gonna bring it this election. But there’s some useful links for you swingin swing staters with both X and Y chromosomes.