For yea, he has risen

He was once  a powerful king, but the powers that be judged him unfit, he was cast out to wander the desert, alone and unloved. Then, lo, by a miracle he was lifted up, cleansed of his sins and reborn a new and decent caring man who will carry the message of helping the poor and tending the sick in his heart and on his lips for all time. We’re talking of course about Charlie Crist, former governor of Florida and now a former Republican:

Slate — If you’re going to become a Democrat, is there a better place to make the long-awaited shift final than at the White House? That’s exactly what former Republican Florida governor Charlie Crist did Friday night when he signed the papers to change his party affiliation from independent to Democrat at a Christmas reception held at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And he got a celebratory fist bump from President Obama himself, reports the Tampa Bay Times. “What changed is the leadership of the Republican party,” Crist said Friday night. “As I said at the convention, I didn’t leave the Republican party, it left me. Whether the issue was immigration, or education, or you name it—the environment. I feel at home now.”

Oh, that hurt. A bearded man making the switch at the White House in cahoots with the Kenyan Usurper in Chief.


  1. F [disappearing] says

    Heh. A miracle.

    By the grace of God Almighty
    And the pressures of the marketplace
    The human race has civilized itself
    It’s a miracle

  2. nathanaelnerode says

    I know this is parody, but it’s worth noting that Crist doesn’t fit a conversion narrative. He really was always a decent guy, if dopey enough to have joined the Republican Party. (I was calling him the “last good Republican” for a while.) It’s more a “scales fell off his eyes” narrative.

  3. billyeager says

    @2 F [disappearing]
    Oh +2 internetz to you for relevant use of ‘Amused to death’ quote! Nicely done.

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    nathanaelnerode @ # 4: He really was always a decent guy…

    Only by comparison to other Rethugs.

    Crist’s tenure as governor was “moderate” only in terms of certain social issues – the rest was standard reverse-Robin-Hood-ism.

    And as Florida’s attorney general, he well and truly earned the nickname of “Chain Gang Charlie”.

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