Must see Daily Show video hilarity

More than once I’ve been struck how effectively and quickly the Stewart or Colbert shows can educate a political newcomer. I’ll have a friend or girlfriend, and get on a rant reeling off dates and context, but within a couple of minutes their eyes will glaze over and they’ll tell me to shut up. But when that same person watches these two fake news shows, they’ll sit there laughing and leaning far more than my methods could ever get across. This clip is a great example, it lays bare the stunning hypocrisy of McCain and Graham — and indicts the traditional media as a bonus — in five hilarious minutes flat. Bravo ladies and gentlemen, bravo!


  1. adrian says

    Same here, davidmc.
    Unavailable from my location. I’ve tried everything but can’t view these “five hilarious minutes”.

  2. says

    The breathtaking stupidity and enormous hypocrisy of this entire situation was jaw dropping. When Jon started talking about a better comparison, and then narrows in down to another black woman named Rice … well played, I salute you.

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