The most wonderful and humiliating time of the year

Once a year I hang out my annual bleg pleading for handouts from readers. You can send via Paypal using the email address, name Steven Andrew, the main site is here or click the logo above, I’ll keep the paypal logo/link up for a week or so. For those who don’t use Paypal, you can email me using the subject line “Bleg,” or leave your email address in comments, I’ll figure something out, contact you, and edit your info out of the comment.

To be clear, I blog because I like doing it. A few bucks here and there to subsidize the work are important, but I’ll do it as long as possible regardless. But the cold hard reality, these days, is the quality and quantity of my efforts will suffer without it. Every dollar will go straight to the sorely needed essential tools of this trade: gizmos, software, etc.

As scary and humiliating as it is to admit, I’ve endured a long painful slide down the economic razor blade over the last few years, starting in the comfy middle class thanks to a lifetime of work, only to land cut and bruised and broken firmly among the hard-working poor. I won’t be bummed if you can’t afford anything this year — believe me I can relate — but I’ll happily and gratefully accept anything you can swing.


  1. kreativekaos says

    I can exactly to what you’re going through- I’m feeling the burning cut of the economic razor’s edge myself.

    Wish I could spare something, but I’m squeezing every cent so hard that I can almost literally feel the electrons in the copper.

  2. geocatherder says

    I’m living off my husband at the moment, but I was able to spare a little for the tip jar. Keep on blogging, please!

  3. Johnny Vector says

    Can’t do much just now, but I threw a few in the e-hat. Or e-guitar case, however you want to look at it.

  4. says

    You guys rock! I’ve had a few dollars come in, and they’ve already made a real difference to my month’s expenses. I’m really touched. I’m trying to play it down and be cynical, but I’m really touched.


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