DK Radio is on the air & I want as many of you on it as I can get!

Daily Kos Radio is on the air and you are invited to tune in Monday through Friday, now from 9 a.m. to noon, ET. We start with two hours of the Kagro in the Morning show from 9-11, and then it’s The Ministry of Truth, with Armando Llorens, starring Jesse LaGreca from 11-12. Those are three hard blogging, talented progressive new media soldiers.

The only way I can think to help them out would be to get some great science and skeptic commenters on, and since it’s an embyronic radio show, your embryonic radio persona might be just the ticket depending on what crazy shit transpires between now and the election. I’m making a spread sheet, I’m checking it twice, gonna set topics and see who’s naughty or nice …

Keyword Mars Curiosity: official landing time, pressers, & streaming info

NASA has retasked the Odyssey orbiter to track the Mars Science Lab carrying the Curiosity, the next generation rover is charging its lithium ion batteries to final 100% capacity courtesy of the solar array on the MSL as we speak. There’s been some confusion on the exact date and time of the seven minutes of terror hope leading to Curiosity’s landing, the current 14 minute light-speed lag between earth and Mars doesn’t exactly help. Official landing times, live stream feeds, and press conference schedule below: [Read more…]

I hear it’s beautiful in Greenland this time of year

I guess, in a weird way, science deniers and science aficionados share something in common when it comes to climate change: we’re all scared by the data. Deniers deal with the anxiety by escaping into elaborate fantasies and penalizing those who don’t readily follow them down the rabbit hole, the rest of us try to figure out how fast the world is warming and think about what might be done to slow it down. Greenland adds another data point for our consideration: [Read more…]

Fun with information theory

Related to the Second Law of Thermodynamics argument against evolution discussed here yesterday is one equally intimidating for the non mathematically inclined that goes “a mutation can never increase genetic information, ergo evolution is impossible.” Like the second law deal it can sound real complicated. But surprisingly, if you’re smarter than a first-grader, the ‘no new info’ argument is super easy to falsify. [Read more…]

Pastor Rick Warren tries to blame shooting on evolution?

I suppose, in a roundabout way, pretty much any human behavior could be due to evolution for one reason or another. Can’t fire guns without hands and fingers for example. But when Tom DeLay tried to blame the Columbine shooting on teaching evolution he was roundly ridiculed. It’s not clear what was going through Pastor Rick Warren’s mind when he posted a similar sounding tweet, but the coverup that followed suggests he might have something to hide: [Read more…]