Republicans wade into dangerous waters, again

I’ve been applying for a new job like mad and have been on two promising interviews this week. One for a web publishing position that would fit me like a glove and actually pays a living wage. But today in Texas it is icy and cold, so lets us blog and surf the day away.

There’s much apologizing and spinning over the comments of Mike Huckabee and Rep. Steve Pearce’s (R-NM) memoir, “Just Fly the Plane, Stupid!” Huckabee might have been trying to paint progressives as anti-women but he went way off the rails. Pearce channeled his inner cleric and wrote in his book that women should “submit to their husbands,” and that’s not going over real well, either. I’ve placed the Huckabee video below to avoid auto play issues: [Read more…]

Dumbass Republicans just can’t help themselves on rape

Conservatives know they’re supposed to keep their real views on abortion and rape quiet, they’ve been told point blank to not say the word rape at all, and last election two candidates that should have sailed to election in the Senate lost because they could not keep their mouth shut about conservative pseudoscience and rape. But they’re still at it:  [Read more…]

Todd Akin sits on the House Science Committee

It’s amazing, and yet all too predictable. Rep Todd Akin, the same guy who seems to have bought into wingnut pseudoscience that insists women who are raped can somehow selectively prevent or abort any resulting pregnancy, sits on the House freaking Science Committee. And the good news is, he may stay there, because his bid to win a Missouri senate seat is in real peril now: [Read more…]

It’s “God’s shield”

Update: The WH responds  and it’s good to see dems hitting the GOP over the head with their own culture war club.

Akin’s comment in which he accidentally told what he really thinks, known in teaparty circles as misspeaking, didn’t come out of nowhere. Just as teajihadists have their own creationist pseudo-biology and their own evangelical pseudo-history, they also have their own reproductive pseudoscience in which rape victims can’t get pregnant. You know, if it’s a legitimate rape and not some loose ungodly slut lying about getting her rockettes off: [Read more…]