A midsummer night’s rant

I despise them. I loath them. I hate them. I’m talking of course about computers, specifically windows PCs. Computers were once a blast for me. Tons of fun to play with, I liked them. But that’s back when they were more of a curiosity than a daily necessity. That’s all changed; try applying for a job with out one these days. As a hobby, they’re still fun. As machines we are forced to depend for pretty much everything, they are not ideal Internet platforms and that’s saying it nicely. [Read more…]

Exosolar odd couple boosts idea of planetary migration

We’ve talked a little bit about planetary migration and how it might happen. For some reason, a good chunk of distant solar systems feature hot Jupiter’s, large enough that they may have formed in the frost belt, orbiting crazy close to their primary star.  Tidal deceleration, interaction and collision with other planets or smaller objects, detection bias? A new system worlds that could collide may offer clues: [Read more…]

Who could have predicted?

I saw the movie Prometheus. It’s worth seeing, especially if you liked any of the Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver. Being a physics and math guy I saw holes you could drive a quasar thru, but this is sci-fi after all. There was a preview for another movie about Abe Lincoln though … I don’t think I can recommend this one: [Read more…]

And I thought I was having a tough week

I guess that puts my little struggle over FMLA paperwork in context. This guy is amazingly lucky.

HuffPo— A Miami teen who was impaled in the forehead in a spearfishing gun accident in early June is very, very lucky, according to surgeons who were able to remove the long piece of metal that was lodged all the way through his brain.

16-year-old Yasser Lopez is recovering well; doctors with Jackson Memorial Hospital said at a press conference Monday he will likely rehabilitate without additional surgery.