Enjoy your extra looong Saturday

Lunar Dawn circa 3 billion years ago by Karen Wehrstein

Courtesy of our moon, you get an extra long Saturday this weekend: one second longer. It’s because of the earth-moon interaction, the moon tugs on the earth’s tidal bulge, earth returns the favor by accelerating the moon slightly and pushing it further away. So every now and then we have to add in an extra second to keep up with it all. That day is today: [Read more…]

The Romney tax

There’s Mitt Romney, praising then what he detests now as a tax. There is one big difference between the Romneycare tax and the ACA/Obamacare tax: under both plans people who can easily afford health insurance but choose to put the risk on the rest of us pay a small fine. That’s what the tax part really is. But right now the ACA tax is purely voluntary, there’s no penalty for not paying it. Romney’s tax was enforced the Massachusetts state revenue office, similar to the IRS.

I Am A Prophet! CNN & Fox News, not so much

I Am A Prophet, for predicting the SCOTUS decision!1!!oneeleventy!! Which demonstrates only the power of … luck and coincidence. But on a semi-serious note, the tears of unfathomable sadness for the usual suspects were made unnecessarily worse by CNN and Fox News’ shoddy reporting, as Stewart handily demonstrates in the clip above.

You know who did get it right, first, as best I can tell? SCOTUS Blog, that’s who, and they deserved every hit they got: [Read more…]

Atheism isn’t just another religion, it’s the WORST religion

Hmm, I dunno, who could it be … SATAN!?

 Here’s an interesting twist on the old ‘atheism is just another religion’ chestnut. You know,  in the same way sobriety is just another kind of drunken stupor. But user name Charles Dumbwin claims atheism is really Satanism. He or she has a sort of, umm, thesis I guess you could say, for that opinion and actually posted it: [Read more…]

The empire strikes back, sort of …

Angry over Attorney General Holder’s efforts to preserve voting rights, and furious after the unexpected blow delivered by Chief Justice John Roberts, the evil empire hit back late yesterday. Fortunately, unlike the Star Wars namesake, it was a pitiful counter-strike. One based on bullshit and distortions whipped up by conservatives with a grudge, and an ill-conceived Bush era program shut down by the Obama WH is all they have to work with: [Read more…]