Clash of the cultures today in Ohio and Mississippi

Two important votes in two very different states will test culture warriors and common sense today. Ohio voters go to the polls to vote on a recall of a recent bill pushed through by GOP Governor John Kasich restricting public employee unions — because nothing says constitutional liberty and small government like making it illegal for citizens to assemble and petition the government. Thankfully, polling is trending against this measure, but it’s not over til its over. The other vote in Mississippi will determine if blastocysts are people, polling there shows it coming down to the wire:

(PPP) It looks like the race to watch in Mississippi on Tuesday night will be the state’s proposed ‘Personhood Amendment,’ which would make the state’s laws regarding abortion and birth control the strictest of any state in the country. Right now it looks like it could go either way, with 45% of voters supporting the amendment and 44% opposed.

If Personhood passes, does that mean I’m really nine months older than my old birthdate says? Can I collect social security nine months earlier, would an ultrasound posted on a blog or Facebook by the excited parents be child pornography? I have no idea — the legal ramifications are mind boggling — neither do the culture warriors who are redefining and unilaterally rewriting science to fit their religious beliefs. I’ll be posting returns throughout the evening.


  1. says

    Thank you for keeping attention on this issue! This “Personhood” amendment should terrify everyone. It’s directly out of “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

  2. troll says

    The personhood amendment seems to me to run very much afoul of the establishment clause, as it necessitates belief in a soul.

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