We were warned

We were told that there would be a “red mirage” with election-day voting biased toward Trump since more lefties were voting by mail than righties. Trump did well last night, but it’s not over.

We were warned. Be patient. See the process through.


  1. says

    I agree. But, we were also told that there was a good likelihood of a “blue tsunami” and flipping a bunch of states that resolutely remained true to their jim crow history. A lot of people spent a lot of money because the democrat apparatus whipped them into a frenzy of hope. Biden still ought to win but it’s hardly the “big, safe, comfortable lead”

    Either way, I’m left hating ~48% of my fellow Americans, and/or being stuck with a fascist pimple or an ineffective bipartisan with a republican controlled senate. Either way, we’re fucked because oil interests and big money have just proven conclusively to their satisfaction that they run the show.

    It’s fucking absurd: hispanics helped toss Florida to Trump because apparently they love being discriminated against and deported, or something. What the fuck, guys? And what about Ohio? Are they just inundated with migrants and hankering for a wall to keep their whitey white-land white? No way can they be expected to connect the dots between drought, climate change, and increased use of fossil fuels. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Suicide voters voting to get given a hard fucking.

  2. says

    These results are really, really, really bad. Even if Biden ekes out a narrow victory in the end, this is a clear sign that USA is a broken, failed state. Nearly half the population consists of evil and stupid bastards. There is no other way to say it. After four years of the Trump debacle, one has no excuse to vote for him unless one condones his corruption, evil and incompetence. These people clearly cannot be reasoned with.
    Indeed nearly five million more voted for the bastard than before.

  3. Marissa van Eck says

    This is how countries die. And the history books never talk about all the “little people” who suffer and die, did you notice? All the poor people, all the unlucky ones, all the disenfranchised ones…not even a footnote. Just a long, echoing scream over the river of blood that is history, and a Hell-borne promise of vengeance a generation or two later…

  4. Ichthyic says

    “It’s fucking absurd: hispanics helped toss Florida to Trump”

    well, maybe. also maybe due to the 27% of mail in ballots that were never delivered. no, really.

  5. Rob Grigjanis says

    Ichthyic @4: That may be a misunderstanding.

    Reports show that 27% of the ballots from the area were “never mailed in,” causing people to wonder about the last night’s republican win for the state. There may be a good explanation for this though…

    …some workers were manually postmarking the ballots and then passing them through for same or next-day delivery, all in an effort to get them sent out faster.

    Since the system had been bypassed in favor of a more quick, manual approach, this has led to ballots registering as “undelivered,” even though they had been.


  6. lochaber says

    If even half of the voters had any sort of morals, this should have been a curb-stomp landslide.

    I’m disappointed, but not terribly surprised. Shit like this is why I’m a misanthrope…

    Welcome to America, where we love disease and poverty, and we hate black people, facts, women, stability, LGBTQ people, evidence, as well as ourselves…

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