View from the Future

it has come to my attention that contact is now possible with people living in an entirely different decade from me.

If you are living in the 2020s, while I and others are still living in the 2010s, please send word: what’s it like in the future? Is there hope? Or at least booze?


  1. avalus says

    Little late but: No hope but the last of my self made meade. No early adopter bonus I could see.

  2. cafebabe says

    Back in the early 2000s I did a number of speaking gigs in the US. Being of an antipodean disposition (i.e. naive in the ways of US audiences) I thought I would lighten things by starting with a joke: “By the way, some of you will be relieved to be informed that the world will definitely not end today.” Pause. “How do I know this?” Pause. “Because it is already tomorrow in Australia”.

    At my age I am used to my jokes being greeted with a groan by my grandchildren, but here I got murmurs of hostility. Evangelical shitheads. And there I was thinking that a feature slot at Microsoft’s TechEd would be a safe space.

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