Calvin & Hobbes: Still Relevant

In the ongoing catastrophe in which we live, one week away from no-deal Brexit, TERFs ignoring how humans actually interact with other humans, the majority of the US denying climate change as they blindly follow fossil-fuel based energy companies off the cliff, the work of Bill Watterson is still frightfully relevant:

And when you catch them in the act of placing Herman Cain on the board of the Fed or undermining the healthcare of our most vulnerable or denying that they were misleading congress with an incomplete statement of what was in the Mueller report because the statement was never intended to be a “summary”, it was just a statement that said it was “summarizing” the Mueller report’s key findings? Well, there’s a Calvin & Hobbes for that too:






  1. ridana says

    The C&H strip also defines what’s become of our education system. Such an argument would probably be accepted in the face of parents who demand their children aren’t taught anything they don’t personally believe in, facts be damned. There’s no longer a consensus on what’s acceptable to teach now.

    In some ways, that’s good, when you’re trying to offer a history that’s inclusive and not uncritically praising all we have done. But usually it’s people wanting to do the opposite, making history even more in praise of white men and capitalistic sharks, and “science” that supports religion, and sex ed that pretends people don’t have sex, and when they do it must be of the prescribed sort.

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