Hold My Beer: His Name is Isaac

While it’s not exactly news to say that there are racists in Utah, this particular story captured my eye (h/t RawStory). It’s not so much that it’s got a Halloween slant, though I like Halloween. It’s not so much that his slogan “Purge and Purify” is inevitably terrifying to many Jews, even people like me with no direct connection to the Holocaust. It’s not anything new, unique, or different about this racist jerk at all. Instead it’s what the man said that isn’t new or unique at all when he attempted to preserve his public image against charges of racism. I mean, when you use a white sheet to cover your entire garage door with huge painted letters saying “Make America Great Again, Purge and Purify,” you wouldn’t think it could get much worse. But area racist Kade Rogers took up the challenge and passed his beer to a good friend before speaking in front of local news cameras, saying


I’m not meaning to be racist, in no way. In fact I have a black friend. His name is Isaac.

Unrecorded in KUTV’s story is whether the racist jerk went on to say,

In fact, he told me once, uh, he told me that I should stand by my right to say whatever I feel. He told me, uh, I think he said:

If there’s something you wanna say, and talkin’ is the only way
Rap on, oh, rap on
Cause whatever you do, oh, you’ve got to do your thing.

My Black friend would totally stand by me against all you calling me racist. This is all ridiculous. If you could ask Isaac, it would clear this whole thing up. But he lives in Canada. Most of the time. Like, way up north.

Unreportedly, the racist jerk concluded, saying:

Yeah, Isaac’s a great friend. He’s a chef, and he’s got the most delicious chocolate, salty balls. Now, who’s got my beer?


  1. chigau (違う) says

    I am Canadian and I know an Isaac. He would never condone this crap.
    Kade is bullshitting.
    and what kind of a name is “Kade”?

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