Whims Whimper: Left over ideas, episode 3

Every year around the winter solstice, I trot out the idea of calendar reform.  (Yeah, I know it was almost two weeks ago.)  I have a pipe dream where the world gets rid of the nonsensical “30 days hath November” calendar and start using mine.

January to May are 31 days each, 155 in total.

June to December are 30 days each, 210 in total.

In a leap year, we have December 31st.

It’s simple, easy to learn, consistent, and I’m sure those in the US who celebrate African-American History Month would love it after getting shafted with the shortest month on the existing calendar.

Let’s not stop there, designate the winter solstice as New Year’s Day.  Why not?  It makes a lot more sense than doing it eight to ten days later.


There were numerous New Year’s Eve parties in Taipei, and the one I attended was a lot of fun, with a lot of like-minded people, and I’m not just talking LGBTQIA.  Many young Taiwanese and most waiguoren here are atheist, agnostic or at least secular. And those who are religious start to realize they don’t get to and shouldn’t be able to dictate to others.  There’s also a very strong anti-China/separatist streak amongst most young adults.

A drag performer was handing out numerous two word signs and people were happily waving them.  I’m sure you can guess the other word on them.

**** 2016

**** China

**** Trump

**** religion

**** christian hate

Other signs would likely be appreciated around these parts.



  1. Steve Watson says

    Why ever not? Incidentally do you mean for New Year to fall on the 22nd Dec or moving Jan 1st back ten days?