Must Resist: Hate groups have no place in Taiwan

It has come to light that the anti-LGBTQIA protesters in Taiwan weren’t just dishonest about their numbers (shipping people city to city to make their numbers seem larger) and weren’t just hypocritical about their violent tendencies.  Multiple bigots were arrested last week (not just the one mentioned in the link) after committing unprovoked violence and trespass during their protest against the first reading of the proposed marriage equality law.  They attempted to physically push past a police line and enter the building.

It turns out that several US-based christian hate groups, as defined by the SPLC, have been interfering in Taiwan’s domestic affairs, organizing violent groups and spreading hate speech with no facts behind them (e.g. the myths about child molestation and bestiality).  This includs “MassResistance”, “IHOP” and a few others.

Anti-Gay MassResistance Supporting Anti-Equality Activists in Taiwan

MassResistance has joined the ranks of Religious Right groups that are expanding the global reach of their efforts to resist legal equality for LGBT people, boasting in recent months of its anti-equality efforts in Mexico and Nigeria. Now, as Taiwan moves toward becoming the first Asian nation to embrace marriage equality, the Massachusetts-based group is helping mobilize opposition from Taiwan’s socially conservative Christians.

The Taiwan government should treat the foreign meddlers the way other countries treated “pickup artists”: as a threat to its citizens. They should be detained and deported from the country.