I Wonder If Anyone Agrees

As most know and is plainly obvious, Cheetolini (aka Trump) plans to delay his trials until after the election, in the hope he can be reappointed by the “electoral college” without winning the popular vote (as he did in 2016) and then pardon himself before becoming presidente de por vida.

Also as most know, his “hire ’em and fire ’em” turnover of lawyers has been as rapid as a short order cook’s hamburger grill turnover.  But I’m starting to suspect that Cheetolini’s turnover of lawyers isn’t solely because he’s an abrasive jerk and a swindler who never pays.

I think he’s being an abrasive jerk and a swindler and not paying because he wants a constant turnover of lawyers.

I think lawyer turnover is a delay strategy: “I can’t find competent defence for trial! I need a continuation!”  He’s doing this to prevent the case going forward.  I predict that his current lawyers (John Lauro, et al) will be fired or quit by the end of the year, and Cheetolini will demand another delay to replace them and “let them prepare”.

If I could have judge Chutkan’s ear for one moment right now, I would tell her:

1) Appoint a group of legal aid public defence or other qualified lawyers in secret and give them the same evidence given to Lauro’s team.

2) If Cheetolini fires Lauro, appoint the public defenders and go forward with the trial anyway.  They will have a defence ready, and they are Georgia lawyers so they are qualified to work in those courts.

3) Jail Cheetolini for contempt, for using revolving door lawyers as a delay tactic.  Hold him until the trial begins to silence him from any social media activity.

4) Bar Cheetolini from changing his defence team, ordering that he MUST to go forward with the public defenders.

Cheetolini had and has access to adequate defence for trial.  If he gets rid of them, it’s because he doesn’t want lawyers, he wants a delay.

Appointing a qualified team in secret would guarantee him adequate defence, a speedy trial, and make appeals much harder.


  1. JM says

    My theory is that Trump’s lawyers are trying to bait Chutkan into doing something that will require a new trial. Get Chutkan to say or do something that will get everything thrown out (either Chutkan withdraws or it gets thrown out on appeal) and a new trial in front of a new judge. That both holds things up for months/years and probably gets a more sympathetic judge to boot. The lawyers may see it as the only viable option because Trump won’t shut up or stop incriminating himself.

  2. lorn says

    No doubt that is one of the reasons TFG doesn’t pay. Changing lawyers adds complication and delay to any case. Delay and muddying the waters are core principles to his defense.

  3. StevoR says

    Yeah. Trump’s tactics seem to be to Stall, stall, stall and hope that justice delayed is -as so often in our system – justice denied.

    I’m not sure even Trump knows what he’s actually doing but I certainly think its plausible.

    I’m not a lawyer but I know of one real lawyer on youtube who is doing some good analysis on Trump’s arguments and tactics here :


    One of quite a lot of ones on featuring the ex-POTUS and known rapist made by Legal Eagle here.

  4. jenorafeuer says

    There was discussion on another site about how in at least one of the cases, there was a contract clause with a court-approved lawyer stating that non-payment would not be sufficient reason for termination of services. Presumably for exactly this reason.

    (Can’t remember which case it was, I’d have to look up the details.)