Updates to the Volvox carteri Wikipedia page

The last time I looked at the Volvox carteri page on Wikipedia, it was pretty sad:

V carteri

Volvox carteri Wikipedia page as of December 12, 2018.

That was it; just a short intro and a section on sexual reproduction. I also had an undergraduate researcher, Sophia Sukkestad, who needed an end of semester project. I thought that if she worked on the V. carteri page, she’d learn a bit about Volvox, gain some familiarity with the relevant literature, and improve this resource for everyone.

Sophia exceeded my expectations, revising the existing material to make it more accurate and more readable, and adding entirely new sections on Differentiation and Genomics.

There is still plenty to be done, and I encourage everyone in the Volvox community to consider contributing. This page has had over 500 views every month this year, which means that people outside the Volvox research community are using this resource:

Volvox carteri page views

Views of the Volvox carteri Wikpedia page over the last two years.

There are still no sections on motility, inversion, evolution, biogeography, transformation, sex determination…

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