A noble act to do to women

Tarek Fatah shares the wisdom of a Saudi cleric and academic.

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Sheikh Mohamad Alarefe is a popular Saudi Arabian Islamic theologian and a professor at the King Saud University. 

A recent tweet to his almost 8 million followers (!!) said

Circumcision [FGM] is a noble act to do to women. There’s nothing wrong with doing it.

Is that so. If I said cutting off half the penis was a noble act to do to men and there’s nothing wrong with doing it, would the Sheikh agree with me?

It’s a stupid thing to say. What’s “noble” about slicing up a healthy set of genitals? How can there be nothing wrong with it?

The man is morally blind. He’s immoral because he’s morally blind.


  1. Blanche Quizno says

    I’m going to make a list of all the things men say are noble or at least acceptable to do TO women, which women actually want to have done to them:


  2. quixote says

    Um, the too-much-information biology shows it’s actually rather worse than cutting off half the penis. The homologous operation of the common form of FGM on male genitalia would be to cut off all the accessible length of the penis, cut back the scrotum, and then stretch the remaining bits of skin at the sides to sew them shut except for a small hole to allow urine to come out. (And, in women, menstrual blood.)

    I’m guessing that since the Sheikh sees this as a good thing, he’ll be volunteering shortly so as not to miss out.

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