Tantamount to adultery

I don’t know how reliable this is; it’s not widely reported so far; but for what it’s worth – India Today reports:

[A] young Syrian girl was reportedly being stoned to death in Syria.

Her crime? She had opened a Facebook account.

The incident took place in the Syrian city of Rakka. The girl, Fatoum Al-Jassem, was sentenced to death by stoning by Al-Reqqa religious court after ISIL militants took her to the court.

The court ruled that having a Facebook account was tantamount to adultery and thus sentenced her to death.

The court also described the opening of her Facebook account as an act of great wickedness that merited severe punishment.

If having a Facebook account is tantamount to adultery, then what isn’t tantamount to adultery?

Well it’s always been clear enough, that the view of women behind this is that they are just genitalia and nothing else. Everything women do or think of doing is tantamount to adultery, and that’s why it’s so urgent to hate them so much and beat them so hard.


  1. Omar Puhleez says

    “I don’t know how reliable this is …but for what it’s worth…”

    The very sad fact is that it is completely possible and credible, given the performance to date of people whose minds have been infected with some religion or other, but particularly by Islam.

    Probably best to wait for negative confirmation, but it might be a while coming.

  2. says

    Well I don’t know that it’s all that credible. It’s maybe a little bit credible. Yes there has been some similar outrageousness, but it doesn’t follow that all outrageousness is credible, and the fact is that I couldn’t find any sources whose credentials I recognize. It would be gullible just to assume it’s true. It’s not true just because it’s absurd. That way madness Tertullian lies.

  3. sc_770d159609e0f8deaa72849e3731a29d says

    Well I don’t know that it’s all that credible. It’s maybe a little bit credible.

    …but it isn’t at all incredible. That’s what’s frightening.

  4. says

    I love what you do, Ophelia, but I’d prefer not to see discussion of rumours here. Independently I’m unable to find a reliable source for the story.

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