September Comment of the Month

Welcome everyone! Here on AtG we want to foster some excellent, weapons-grade snark. In that endeavour, I will highlight two winners each month to praise them for their excellent snark, in the hopes that others will follow suit! Please note it is typically a difficult choice to make and many of you snark very well, and I encourage you to continue doing so. You will inevitably make it!

Snark of the Month: Kreator

Kreator reaches for my soft spot in mocking the alt right. During a conversation about Out magazine publishing a softball profile of professional human shitstain Milo Yiannopoulos, commenter Giliel started the conversation with:

Why, why WHY do people think it’s OK to do this? Did they think that shit was OK 5 years ago or did or was it really a major shift that happened all over the western world?
Also, I swear cis white gay men are even worse than cis white straight women.

To which our Snark winner responded:

MISANDRY!!! No, wait… MISOGYNY!!! I mean… (thinks heavily) …YOUR THE REAL RACIST!!1!!!1! (self-satisfied expression)

Runner up: Ice Swimmer

The unconscionably self-important Christian campaign #AskMeFirst has some glaring problems, illustrated effectively by many of the regulars here. But I had to chuckle in particular at Ice Swimmer’s take:

Should we ask xtians before any and all decision no matter how small? Am I allowed to pour myself a glass of water? Am I allowed to take a gulp. What about second gulp? Should I eat dinner now?

Honourable Mention: Marcus, you had many great snarks, but I’d rather focus on our non-colleague commentators. <3

Congratulations to our winners. Your prize is… confetti!

Snark on everyone.