Free thought doesn’t mean every asshat is entitled to a platform

I haven’t written or even signal boosted the heightened violence occurring in Amerikkka right now, in part because my colleagues are doing a fantastic job of covering it themselves and in part because these tragedies are coming in so fast that paying attention to all of them is emotionally overwhelming.

I can’t necessarily verify that the racists hurling racist abuse in the comments of these articles are from the Slymepit, but a lot of them have a whiff of freeze peach about them which leads me to believe they’re of the same breed. They argue they should be permitted to hurl their racist abuse in our comments, that it’s not free thought if we curate the participants on our blag and cut out the noxious weeds.

What they don’t realize is that the PoCs on this network have been talking shop for a lot longer than your pastey racist ass has. The writers that live race relations, not just discuss them, could make a bingo card for your predictable bullshit. You’re peddling your ideas like you’re the Mr. Clean of original thought when in reality we can dig into the post history of PoCs and find lengthy refutations of your predictable bullshit. Your ideas are old hat. We pay them no more credence than we do creationist arguments, because they’re the same shit, over and over, and we’re tired of trying to explain to you why you’re wrong through a never ending game of racist whackamole.

Listen, I don’t debate quantum mechanics with physicists because I know very little about physics. Take my advice: You white? Your job in race relations is to shut the fuck up and listen.



  1. says

    This is the time when “Me, too” is the proper response.

    It is important to let it be known one is in solidarity. In person, one can stand with the protesters and show support without saying a word. Online, silence looks like indifference.

  2. Siobhan says

    After being quiet and listening what else can white folks do that actually helps please?

    Signal boost and share work from PoCs to your other social media, call in or call out racist folks in your meatspace as long as it’s safe for you to do so, and yes, let the writer know that you’re reading their stuff on race relations as a white person, consider politicians with the minority’s issues on your voting docket.

    That advice goes for any minority, really.