Trans Comedienne on America’s Got Talent

Julia Scotti auditioned for America’s Got Talent with a stand-up routine, and received unanimous approval from the panel:

New Jersey comedian Julia Scotti wowed the audience on America’s Got Talent Tuesday night when she took to the stage to do some stand up. But did she wow the judges?

“In addition to being old, fat, single and broke – in my 401k I have enough for about a month and a half of Netflix – I’m a complete and utter physical wreck. My primary care doctor is a paleontologist.”

The hilarous 63-year-old brought the crowd to their feet, which brought her to tears. When asked by the judges why it took her so long to pursue her passion, she candidly opened up. “Well, for the first 28 years of my life, I was known as Rick Scotti. So this is big for me,” she said.

Although some of the judge’s comments were wildly inappropriate, I am pleased to see Scotti get attention from whatever sliver of Americans watch America’s Got Talent–positive representation of trans people is crucial at this time, and Scotti swept a harshly critical panel to boot.