Good music to have stuck in your head: Jamie Berry


About a year or so into my transition, I started to find interesting ways to express the confidence that was slowly building in me. I tried a few different sexy dance styles to capture the expression of my libido that had been heavily, heavily suppressed: belly dancing, pole dancing, strip teasing. One of the things that I always had a bit of difficulty with was that the style of these dances typically involved music that didn’t make me feel sexy. I don’t particularly like club/strip music (too heavy on the bass), and it really distracted from connecting to the id-driven impulses that make successful sexy dancing so sexy.

Cue electro swing:

Not all of the Jamie Berry swing would be a good song to strip to either, but the genre seems to help me click a lot easier than club/strip music. The very first song in this Jamie Berry collection, “Peeping Tom,” is one such song. Even just listening to it in my chair I can’t help but wiggle my hips along. I’ve got a number planned in my head which involves a classy cane, bejeweled fedora, and strip teasing out of respectable gentlemen’s formal wear.