Albertan Conservative: “Earls Restaurants Support Terrorists”


Hello interwebs,

I know at this point “politician puts foot in mouth” is about a newsworthy as “dog bites man,” but sometimes they cross so many lines that I can’t help myself.

Craig Chandler, regional director of Alberta’s so-called Progressive Conservatives, says that Earls Restaurants “support terrorists” because it purchases its meat from a supplier who offers a separate line of halal meat.

I wish I was joking.

But it gets better.

After the social media shitstorm, Chandler announces his resignation. His closing comments?

“My controversial past seems to be a distraction and everything I say seems to be misconstrued,” he said.

Chandler, I’d like you to meet my good friend Sam “That was taken out of context” Harris. I’m sure he can tell you all about teh evul libruls and their context. 

I’m not even going to pretend it’s awful that Alberta’s political right is running around like a headless chicken. They had 44 years of oil boom and gave us nothing but gutted public institutions and still managed to run deficits.



  1. says

    Hey! They didn’t have 44 years of oil boom! They had 44 years of oil boom and bust cycles. Each bust should have been a learning experience, but nope. The next boom came along and everything was (wild) roses again!

    Now we finally have a new government in, and the PCs and WRP both argue that we should keep doing things as they’ve long been done. Lower taxes! Make cuts! (I particularly love the latter. “People are losing their jobs across Alberta! Our solution? Put more Albertans out of work!”)

    Unfortunately the NDP doesn’t support the oligarchs enough, so their time in office is limited. I really hope I’m wrong and we see a second term…

  2. Siobhan says

    The oligarchs had a nice dent put in their power when the NDP banned political donations from companies, one of my favourite things they’ve ever done.

    It’s the ones that actually buy into conservative bs that we need to worry about. You know, the ones blaming Notley for the price of oil. The ones that think it’s a crime to pay a person a living wage when they work 40 hours a week.

  3. says

    Send Chandler to live under the same rock as Ernst Zundel. I’m sure they’ll get along just fine.

    I was going to add Jim Keegstra, but I see that he finally made the world a better place by dying in 2014.