Spending Time at the Library

The coolest place to hang out in Toledo is the library! It is also where most of my blog posts are written. It’s a beautiful building. I’m sitting in a study room as I write this and I wanted to share a few pictures I just took of the library.

Toledo Library atrium   



I just wanted to share how much I enjoy coming here.


What’s your local library like? Do you spend a lot of time there?


  1. Katydid says

    That’s really nice!

    I’m sad to say that my county’s libraries are plain buildings, could be office buildings except for the books inside. We had one library that was built in the 1960s with curved walls and a children’s “cove” and interesting windows (i.e. the best of 1960s architecture), but it was really small and the county now uses it as a senior center after building a much bigger one a couple of miles away.

    I could go to one of the two majors cities near me and find inspiring libraries, but there would be nowhere to park except the expensive parking garages…and if there’s a book there I want, I can order it from the library system.

  2. lakitha tolbert says

    I don’t really have any choice but to spend a lot of time at my library. I work there! I do love it. The Cleveland Public Library has two building, both of them very colorful, and indoor and outdoor reading gardens. I do wish it had more open spaces and better lighting though.

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