Bumper Stickers

Do you have any atheist or humanist bumper stickers on your car? I have a few.

I just dropped my daughter off at school and another parent saw my bumper stickers. He approached me and he had a bumper sticker in his hand — a red atom with an atheist “A”. He showed it to me and said he is too afraid to put it on his car. It was really sad.

I told him I liked the sticker and he walked away as I got my daughter out of the car. 

I wish I would have said more. Other than a couple of people shaking their heads in the grocery store parking lot, I haven’t had any problems with the bumper stickers on my car. I should have told him that.

I’m not a talkative or social person, but I really regret not saying anything. Maybe I’ll see him another time. 

Come on, Toledo! We shouldn’t have to be afraid!

Have you ever had problems with the bumper stickers on your car?


  1. mathman85 says

    I don’t have any bumper stickers on my car, but I do have a magnetic Darwin fish. I’m never had any problems of which I’m aware with it.

  2. sonofrojblake says

    My car is expensive. (It’s not new or flashy – ANY car is expensive). Any damage done to it, I have to have repaired at my own expense. I can control what damage happens to it while I’m driving it. I cannot control what damage happens to it when I am forced to abandon it (i.e. park it) in public places. Therefore, I would prefer it to draw as little attention as possible when in that situation. In particular, I should prefer it not to draw the attention of the kind of moron who would feel they were getting one over on me and that I would deserve having my car damaged because I don’t have the same imaginary friend as them (or any). I have a bumper sticker that identifies me as a person who likes walking in the English Lake District. As far as I’m aware, there is no group of people who take particular issue with that activity, so I think it’s safe. I have the right to put pretty much whatever I want on a bumper sticker, but I don’t pity people who make the determination that religious people can’t be trusted not act irrationally and damage their property out of some demented perceived offence. Seems perfectly sensible.

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