Back to Work!

I have some exciting news! I’m going back to work!

Prior to the pandemic, I worked part-time facilitating art, writing, and music groups for people struggling with homelessness as well as mental health and addiction issues. While I don’t always agree with the larger organization I’m a part of, working with the participants has always been a rewarding experience. The arts have played a huge part in my own recovery and getting paid to share my passions is amazing! I am quite literally working at my dream job.

There’s a core group of people that used to come to the arts space and I miss them terribly. We text but it’s just not enough. The atmosphere at the arts space was magical when we were all creating together and it’s clear that we are all in need of that right now.

I have remained employed and paid over the past year but there wasn’t a lot of work for me to do. People higher up in the organization found things for me to do here and there but it definitely wasn’t the same.

Next week I will be facilitating my first in-person group since the pandemic! It’s going to be an art group for kids. It’s been fun buying supplies and my daughter is excited because she’s going to come to work with me and help with the group! I’m thinking sidewalk chalk if it’s nice out!

While this is all very exciting to me, it is, unfortunately, the only group planned at the moment. I don’t want to rush anything — I want everyone to feel safe in the groups — but I am definitely getting antsy. Fingers crossed the situation keeps improving!


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