A century of posts

I just now realised that I had passed the landmark of hundred posts in this blog in just under four months. I never imagined I will be posting so regularly. I am usually a little bit lazy in such aspects.

Image credit here

Image credit here

Reaching a century I thought I will take a look back. The statistics counter says till now I had around 32000 views and around 16000 visitors. Around half of the views came from USA, 12% from India and about 9% from UK . The blog had 219 comments too.

The most viewed post was on Charlie Hebdo. The post on Religion and phobias came second and the review of Meera Nanda’s book came third.

References came mostly from my own Facebook and Twitter posts.

I thank all my visitors for finding time to read my posts. I will try my best to post here regularly my views on all subjects that I feel like writing. I invite suggestions and criticisms if any to make this blog better.

Happy reading



  1. kestrel says

    Congratulations on reaching 100! I enjoy reading your blog but rarely comment. It is fascinating to me to learn of the various things you have posted about. May your posting success continue!

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