• Arun says

      Delhi City was hiding deatn numbers by 50-75% and media brought it out quoting numbers from burial ground. That promoted a re-evaluation of death numbers and tally jumped. Some what similar thing happened in Maharashtra and it’s capital City Mumbai.

    • Arun says

      India now have a centralised system for reporting PCR testing. Details of each sample taken has to be reported to Indian Council of medical research in real time online. This has to be done even in privately owned labs. Also ICMR controls which all labs are accredited to do pcr testing. Any discrepancies are liable to be found out. So pcr testing reports should be accurate. But there is severe under testing and death data is being hidden by some of the States.

      • Pierce R. Butler says

        I would have expected Modi to try to rig the numbers in the same way as, for example, the governor of Florida has (firing the state’s epidemiology statistician, under-reporting infections and deaths in multiple ways, etc). Good to hear some parts of India’s health system have maintained their integrity!

        • Arun says

          Some people in the Govt are showing their integrity, but not all.Death numbers are inaccurate. Many who die are not being tested and many deaths in Covid positive people are reported as death due to heart or kidney failure. All positive tests are being reported though.
          I will write a detail post on Modi vs Trump ‘s handling of Covid.

  1. blf says

    What of the points I was trying to raise yesterday when I got the mysterious “Invalid security token” (see previous thread, Hi again) was that after some (admittedly quick) searching, it seems to be the case death registration in India is haphazard, especially in rural areas. Hence, it seems plausible numerous deaths are being missed.

    Deaths are not cases of course.

    Please stay safe!

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